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 Welcome to Social Graces Vintage!

Hello! My name is Jordan McMills and I am from and live in beautiful Baton Rouge, Louisiana. I attended both the University of Southern Mississippi and LSU Paul M Hebert Law Center. I have a B.A. in English and a J.D./D.C.L. in Law. I am married to a wonderful man named Ian and we will be married for eight years on January 10, 2023! We have an adorable rescue kitty named Autumn & a Cavalier King Charles Spaniel puppy named Darcy.

I have always had a passion for vintage and am amazed at the unbelievable finds I come across! I scour estate sales, garage sales, auctions, and travel to get the most amazing pieces. I have a true passion for finding that special piece that makes a space a home and I really love so many various styles! My favorite items to find are faux bamboo furniture, chinoiserie, high-end barware or cocktail glassware, brass, vintage paper items like books, guides, maps, menus, and so much more! I am always finding fabulous pieces that are so special! Send me a message if you're looking for anything in particular! Who knows, I may find it on my next adventure!

Thank you to everyone who follows, likes, comments, or shops and helps me have fun with my passion! Thank you for gracing your space with social graces vintage!

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