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Court of Two Sisters’ Matchbook (New Orleans, LA)

Court of Two Sisters’ Matchbook (New Orleans, LA)

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The Court of Two Sisters’ location at 613 Royal Street once housed a governor of colonial Louisiana, later becoming the home of Bertha and Emma Camors, the two sisters after whom the Fein Family's landmark restaurant is named. The sisters owned a “notions” shop here, selling imported Parisian perfume and other niceties for New Orleans’ upper-class ladies.

The Court of Two Sisters now pays homage to the Camor Sisters, serving French Creole plates and classic New Orleans dishes in 613 Royal’s unique setting.

Perfect to frame and give as a gift! These 1970s vintage matchbooks go for $20 each! They are both in good vintage condition. Open matchbook without matches measures 4.25" T x1.5" W. Closed matchbook with matches measures 2" T x 1.5" W.


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