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Portrait of a Native Girl

Portrait of a Native Girl

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Wow! This colorful, vibrant piece stopped me in my tracks. This original fine art piece looks to be a portrait in the style of Historical Native American Portraits of tribal leaders in the 1800s who were dressed in special clothing that would often be worn during times of war or ceremonial use. This one was produced much later but is done in a similar style. The subject is a beautiful girl wearing a headdress of blue and green and adorned with blue and white clothing, jewelry, and feathers. The portrait is signed by the artist, "Lynn Kotisetty" and the medium is likely pastels and pencil. Portraits of this type and size go for $500 and up. The overall piece measures 25" T x 19" W and the opening portion measures 22" T x 16" W. Snag this beautiful lady for your space, she's stunning!

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