Social Graces Vintage specializes in sourcing authentic vintage matchbooks to custom frame. Examples include Pat O'Brien's (1960), Commander's Palace (1960), and Superior Grill (1990).

I love seeing couples find a vintage matchbook commemorating one of their favorite places and times together.

Choose your own classic and timeless piece that will make a beautiful artwork display in your home for years to come.

Why Custom-Frame Matchbooks?


Vintage matchbooks are creative because they feature wonderful, fun illustrations and typography. There are endless designs and types to create a beautiful work of art.


Vintage matchbooks are rare because they are by and large not produced anymore.


Vintage matchbooks are personal because they can be customized to every person or couple based on what they love. An individualized matchbook that's custom-framed helps tell the history of a couple.


Vintage matchbooks are popular because they were part of a majority of businesses' marketing campaigns. Their availability spanned hotels, bars, clubs, restaurants, and so much more.


Vintage matchbooks are nostalgic because they are indicative of a certain time and place. Today, matchbooks are not widely produced for businesses so finding one from the past that connects with couples is always a dear find.


Vintage matchbooks are elegant because they gain new life as fine art pieces once they're custom-framed.


Vintage matchbooks are environmentally conscious because they're recycled. Instead of buying newly produced pieces, which require energy and resources to produce, vintage matchbooks are already made and are being repurposed.


Vintage matchbooks are great gifts for everyone because they are adored by all generations and couples.


Vintage matchbooks are adaptable to every person or couple depending on their likes. Vintage matchbooks are perfect for everyone because of their flexibility.

  • Commander's Palace Interior of Open Matchbook, Logo (1960)

  • Pat O'Brien's Front of Closed Matchbook, Clover & Logo (1960)

  • Pat O'Brien's Back of Closed Matchbook, Famous Hurricane (1960)

  • Pat O'Brien's Interior of Open Matchbook, Building Façade (1960)

  • Superior Grill Back of Closed Matchbook, Logo (1990)

  • Superior Grill Front of Closed Matchbook, Logo (1990)

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How do I book my wedding date?

To officially book your date, a 50% deposit and signed contract is required. The remainder of your package price is due three weeks before your event.

How far are you booking out?

I am booking for 2024 and 2025.

Can you frame a matchbook I give you?

Absolutely! Each package includes either one sourced vintage matchbook or one provided matchbook per frame.

Do you frame vintage matchbooks only?

I can frame any matchbooks you like!

What is included when I book with you?

  • Virtual, in-person, or phone consultations to design the matchbook of your choice
  • One matchbook per frame
  • Choice of classic frame colors of either black or gold
  • One sourced vintage matchbook or one provided matchbook per frame
  • A luxurious, handmade linen folio keepsake box elegantly hand-bound and custom-sized to fit your framed matchbook
  • A handwritten, personalized note to each recipient 

Are there any add-ons to your packages?

  • Vintage glassware & barware options like cocktail glasses that are perfect for toasts and cake cutting pics
  • Non-reflective glass options for your frames to make sure they’re easily photographable
  • Add on additional custom-framed matchbooks and so much more!

What is your cancellation policy?

All deposits are non-refundable for client cancellation.

When will I receive our custom-framed matchbooks?

You will receive these either before or on the day of your event. We will discuss your event details and what will work best for you!

What if you cannot find a vintage matchbook I requested?

During our consultations, we will discuss a second and third choice should your first choice of vintage matchbook be unavailable.

I am having matchbooks made for my wedding. Can you frame these?

Absolutely! I am happy to custom-frame the matchbooks that you provide!

What areas do you service?

I am located in Baton Rouge, Louisiana.

I service Baton Rouge, NOLA and the surrounding area, Coastal MS & AL, as well as the Florida Panhandle!

If you don’t see your area, let me know where you’d like me to go! I travel!

What events do you typically offer packages for?

I offer packages for Weddings, Pre-Wedding Events, Showers, Bachelor/Bachelorette Parties, Elopements, & so much more!